Cold Steel

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Rukia looks back (Ep. 17)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 7
Cel Number: A1-5
Standard size

Book Cel
No Background

Added 9/28/2012
Updated 10/2/2012
Rukia looks back

After Byakuya and Renji arrive in the human world to take Rukia back to Soul Society, Rukia eventually acquiesces to save Ichigo, who has sustained mortal injuries from Byakuya. She takes one last look back at him as the Senkaimon portal closes. From Episode 17, Ichigo Dies!

The set consists of 3 genga and 3 douga with a rough marked "Book" showing the closing portal, which obscures the full shot of Rukia with her head turned.

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