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Temari at the Chūnin Exams (Naruto Episode 25)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 18
Cel Number: A1, BA, B1-B2, C1-C2, D1
Standard size

Key Cel
End Cel
No Background

Added 10/2/2012
Updated 10/2/2012
Temari voices her opinion after Ibiki Morino reveals that the tenth question during the first part of the Chūnin Exams was meant to test their determination and bravery. From Episode 25, The Tenth Question: All or Nothing! Courtesy of HazelrahFiver

This set consists of:

17 genga/douga
1 copy layout

There is one sequence of 7 stapled together:
*Rough of Temari
*Layout of Temari's head
*B1 - Face
*B1 - Head
*B2 - Exam papers
*B2 - Facial outline

The rest are:

A1 end - Exam papers
A1 end - Other genin
BA - Torso
B1' - Head
B2' - Head
B3' - Head
B4' end - Head
C1 - Mouth
C2 end - Mouth
D1 end - Ibiki's arm

I find the copy layout interesting because it shows that a few changes made:

-A third genin seated behind and to Temari's right from Amegakure (Hidden Rain) was nixed.
-The genin seated behind and to her left who looks anxious was originally from Takigakure (Hidden Waterfall) but was changed to be from Iwagakure (Hidden Stone).

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