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Tsuyoshi Nonaka - Eva-01
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Added 6/3/2013
Updated 6/9/2014
Sketch of Eva-01 by Tsuyoshi Nonaka from FanimeCon 2013. Not what I was originally going to ask Nonaka to sketch but his bio mentioned that he had worked on the Chogokin-Damashii series of die cast figures, which includes Evangelion. DrScorpio also confirmed that Nonoka has done Eva and he didn't hesitate when I asked for Eva Shogouki. Got to talk with him a little about 3.0 through the interpreter, mentioning that I didn't really understand it but felt that multiple viewings wouldnt necessarily increase my comprehension, a sentiment he agreed with. Also mentioned the fanmade Eva cockpit that was in the convention center but had offloaded the photos I had taken the day before of the entire rig, so I wasn't able to show it.

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