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Daigo Ikeno - Chun-Li
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Added 9/14/2014
Capcom illustrator and character designer Daigo Ikeno was a guest at Japan Expo USA 2nd Impact. Not being a big fan of Street Fighter I underestimated his popularity and made the mistake of getting into A for-Real's autograph line first as they started a half hour earlier. However their line was shorter and Ikeno's continued to grow, and they took a few minutes to talk to each person they were signing for.

When I got to them I kept glancing back at Ikeno's line a few times and as soon as they had signed a shikishi and photo for me, jetted over. While I was able to get this Chun-Li sketch, Ikeno took requests for about the first half hour before defaulting to Ryus and Chun-Lis to accommodate everyone, so this is one of the default Chun-Lis. The next day I got a default Ryu for DrScorpio. I wasn't able to get an autograph ticket for Day 3 as it was lottery and could possibly have gotten an autograph from Ikeno by jumping in at the end of his line, but I was in Izumi Matsumoto's line and Ikeno's was cut.

To speed things up, Ikeno id mini head sketches of Ryu and Chun-Li on the two shikishi shown below (with the Ryus on the Sakura oness and Chun-Lis on the Ryu ones), but people preferred larger sketches. Attendees were also not allowed to take the unsigned ones, but Ikeno agreed to pose with both.

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