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A for-Real 2
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Added 7/8/2015
A for-Real is an hard pop duo composed of vocalist Mizuki Shoji and guitarist Naoki Sugiyama. They were a guest at Japan Expo USA 2nd Impact. This photo was signed by them on Day 1.

I made the mistake of getting into A for-Real’s line prior to Daigo Ikeno's signing even though theirs started a half hour before, having underestimated the demand for Ikeno. When I got to them I kept glancing back at Ikeno's line a few times and as soon as they had signed a shikishi and photo for me, I jetted over to Ikeno. The haste explains why the smudging. I do feel bad for not being able to give them my full attention, especially since Mizuki knows a good amount of English and she spent a few minutes talking to each person, as their line was quite short.

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