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Raynart - Kongou
Source: Game
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Added 9/5/2016
Updated 9/5/2016
Doujinka Raynart was in the artist alley at Anime Expo. Although Japanese, his social media presence also indicates a fluency in French. Seeing that he had been to Comiket (in addition to several European cons), I asked if I could get a sketch of Kongou from Kantai Collection or Kancolle, if I picked up up one of his Kancolle doujin sets, and he was open to the idea. These were the first Kancolle doujins I ever picked up.

Ironically, although I had been to Comiket 89 the previous December, I didn't find any Kancolle material that I wanted to bring home, although I came very close. This was despite Kancolle surpassing Touhou in recent years as being the most popular subject matter that participating circles in the event having been basing their doujins on.

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Curator: AR-99
Gallery Created: 6/21/2012
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