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Hiroyasu Kobayashi & Shigeto Koyama - Eva 2.0 movie pamphlet
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Added 6/4/2017
Updated 9/6/2017
Hiroyasu Kobayashi and Shigeto Koyama were guests at FanimeCon 2017. Despite better organization and control of the autograph lines on day 2, they worked at a somewhat slower pace than day 1. By the time they got to me I was given the choice of having a mini sketch from only one of them but not both. Since I had been able to obtain mini sketches from them the previous day, I went with my backup plan of having them both sign a Rebuild of Evanglion 2.0 pamphlet - Kobayashi was the CG director and Koyama was a key animator on the film. After me everyone else in line was autograph only.

The front of the pamphlet is below and the signatures are on the inside of the foldout front cover.

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