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Added 12/10/2017
Updated 12/10/2017
Argerm did an Asuka sketch for Inktober 2017. He later sold these with the rest of his Inktober sketches after he got back from Lucca Comics and Games in Lucca, Italy. The sketches sold out within 12 hours and I was able to pay for the Asuka sketch that he did. However within an hour of payment, I received a refund and email from Artgerm's store manager stating that someone had beaten me to the sketch.

A day later, I was contacted again asking if I would like to request a custom Inktober-style sketch as a consolation for missing out, for the same price. So of course I said yes and asked that the Soryu version of Asuka be used, with a hair toss added. I'm very happy with how this turned out.

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