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Ranma ½

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Ranma ½ is one of my early favorites as it came out in the US at the time that I started getting into anime. It is only recently that I have started watching the series in its entirety. Prior to this my viewing had been very fragmented, although I had seen all the OVAs and movies.

 Akane runs away in tears (OVA 5)

 Akane's determination (OVA 8)

 Ranma and Happosai (Episode 67)

 Ranma meets Toma's sword (Movie 2)

 Kuno and Phoenix (Movie 3)

 Ukyo in the kitchen (OVA 2)

 Ryoga (OVA 6)

 Shampoo (2nd OVA op)

 Akane can't find the moss (OVA 8)

 Ranma confronts the oni (OVA 10)

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