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The film strips are from the OAV This is the Real Anzio Battle!, which received a theatrical screening in July 2014 before its DVD release. They were given away as privilege items and were blind, although the foil pack is semi-transparent.

The OAV covers the second round of the national senshado tournament, in which Oarai Girls High School faces Anzio High School, an Italian-themed school. The match was hyped up in the TV series but was glossed over, only showing that Oarai won. Anzio is the only opponent of Oarai's to be given short shrift in the series, but this was was addressed by the OAV. Despite putting up a spirited fight, Anzio is outclassed by Oarai, having all of their tanks knocked out. The film strips are in the order in which the scenes appear.

 Anchovy film strip

 Oarai pre-practice meeting film strip

 M3 and Miho film strip

 CV-33 and Type 89 film strip

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