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Kill la Kill - Production Artwork

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Good Smile Company was selling packs of Kill la Kill production artwork at Anime Expo 2016, 3 dougas to a pack. They were somewhat under the radar initially as attendees focused on figures, but after the word got out, more people started buying them.

Each 3 pack consisted of 1 larger illustration and usually 2 smaller ones. The packs were shipped in sequence, so my first 7 packs consisted of sequence mates. When I bought later packs I tried to make sure that they were pulled from different boxes to get more scene variety. This is why there are multiple frames for some of the artworks, but the rest are singles. I ended up with mostly Ryuko and Mako.

 Ryuko B18 key

 Ryuko A22 key

 Ryuko A7 key

 Ryuko and Mako B9 key

 Ryuko A18

 Ryuko A4

 Ryuko & Maiko Ogure B1 end

 Mako A19, A32-35

 Senketsu A1 key

 Mako A13 key

 Tsumugu A24 key

 Mako A5 key
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